Jack Welbourne Ceramics Textured Bowls

Bowls from ceramicist Jack Welbourne.

"My interest in clay was ignited when I was studying at Plymouth College of Art. Making on the wheel was my first obsession, followed by firing kilns or in other words, playing with fire. Function has always felt like a strong foundation for my making. It gives me structure that I enjoy and I take great pleasure in knowing that people use my pots in their daily lives."

Cool Bowls feature a clear glaze inside - large cool bowl features a serrated textured exterior.
Warm Bowls are soda fired and both feature a serrated textured exterior.

Small bowls measure 13.5 cm in width and 6 cm in height.
Large bowls measure 15 cm in width and 7 cm in height.

These items are food-safe and should be hand-washed.