Jack Welbourne - Wide Grey-Blue Glaze Mugs


Grey-Blue glazed mugs from Cardiff-based ceramicist Jack Welbourne.

'I am informed by traditional techniques and values, in particular eastern ideas brought to the UK by Bernard Leach. Whilst working with this framework I am always looking to add a contemporary feel to my work though mark-making, form and application of glazes. I also work with locally sourced materials including clays and wood ash that I collect from the urban landscape I occupy.

Hand made objects have the potential to capture an energy, freshness and elemental tangibility that have been eroded in our society for years. I believe that your home can be a living work of art if you want it to be. With handmade pottery not only fulfilling a functional role but enriching and exciting with every use.'

Mugs Measure Approximately 10.5 cms in width & 9 cms in height. All mugs are unique and may vary slightly from the images provided. If you choose to collect the item in-store, you will be able to select your choice of mug from those available on pickup.

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