George Akerman - Milk Jugs


Ceramic Milk-Jugs from Cardiff-based ceramicist George Akerman.

"In our modern society, the value of everyday objects has dwindled, leaving us disconnected from their origins and the intricate craft behind their creation. Through my work, I aspire to craft objects that rekindle people's awareness of the tacit knowledge within them. 

It's empowering to gain insights into the origins of the items that surround us, cultivating a deeper respect for the materials and time invested in their creation. By encouraging people to look closer, my work aims to unveil the intricacies often overlooked. Ceramics are omnipresent in our lives, intimately engaging with us daily, yet they often exist in the periphery of our awareness."

Read the Full Interview with George Akerman.

Milk-Jugs measure approximately 7 cm in width and 5 cm in height.

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