Jack Welbourne - Tenmoku Bulb Vase with Lugs


Bulb Vase from Cardiff-based ceramicist Jack Welbourne with black Tenmoku glaze and decorative lugs. 

'I am informed by traditional techniques and values, in particular eastern ideas brought to the UK by Bernard Leach. Whilst working with this framework I am always looking to add a contemporary feel to my work though mark-making, form and application of glazes. I also work with locally sourced materials including clays and wood ash that I collect from the urban landscape I occupy.

Hand made objects have the potential to capture an energy, freshness and elemental tangibility that have been eroded in our society for years. I believe that your home can be a living work of art if you want it to be. With handmade pottery not only fulfilling a functional role but enriching and exciting with every use.'

Vase measures approximately 8 cm in width and 15 cm in height.